camp, glamp,
hike, bike,
kayak, canoe,
swim, fish,
rest, read,
skip rocks, wander, explore, daydream, stargaze,
tell stories, create memories…

on the buffalo

Make your 2020 plans! Life in 2020 has radically changed globally. In addition to a pandemic, we celebrate 50 years of Earth day.

If you are seeking a quiet escape this year, consider a camping excursion.


Safe social distancing is key in this experience already. 

This is a not a crazy, over packed campground. Space is limited and available first come, first serve. Members get priority.

On the Buffalo is a division of A TENNESSEE RETREAT center between Hohenwald and Waynesboro, TN in  lovely rural rolling hills on Route 99. On the 12 acres there is a variety of terrain - forest, rolling pasture, the river bluff, and the rocky riverside. There are approximately 10 zones for for camping that can be booked solo up to groups with about 6 tents in some of the larger spaces. All are child-friendly except the bluff which has 3 separate sites for booking best for tent size 4-6 people and under. This is a primitive LNT campground and will have an outhouse later in 2020.


Activities you may enjoy include fishing, swimming, hiking/walking, biking, or kayak/canoe. Bring your mountain bike and explore the natural terrain about 1.5 to 2 miles can be ridden throughout the lovely habitat. Please inquire on rental opportunities for items such as tents.

Want to drop in at Grinder's creek and Texas Bottom and need a spot to take out? Contact us - send a chat right now.

Want to coordinate a camping and kayak weekend? Contact us.

Want to bring your own kayaks with truck and trailer? We have a drivable road for 4WD with trailer. Limited access based on use daily.


We have one hookup option and another area for up to 4 units depending on your size. Contact us - send a chat right now.

RATES include hospitality tax, payments by credit/debit cards may incur additional fees


DAY RATE until dusk:
$12/adult  $4/child under 12


$20/adult $8/child under 12
if you choose to camp overnight, this includes day access no matter what time you arrive or depart within a 24 hour period.
Some sites are off-limits to children under 12.

YURT rental:

$60/night for up to 4 people

RV/no electric/water: $30/night 
RV/with electric/water: $40/night
weekly and monthly rates seasonal available upon request

4WD/Truck access: $20/ day access and parking
If you do not have a 4WD and would like transportation down to the river for your group, please ask about the transport service.

If y

$10/per group per ride, based upon availability
our 4WD SUV seats up to 6 and can also haul trailer. Texas Bottom is approximately 5 minute drive and Grinder's Creek is about 8 to 10 minutes.


FISHING & other river activities: Must have appropriate licenses and share all information upon arrival. Additional Fishing permission - $10/person. Included in overnight rate.

Parking is included in the access fee DAY OR OVERNIGHT. See additional charge for River access.

Parking is centrally located near the entrance of the camp. Vehicles are not allowed in most areas beyond established trails. You may be able to drive to a central spot to unload. If you want to camp near your vehicle, please inquire about campsites on the retreat center side of the property.



PAYMENT METHODS: CASH, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or CC by invoice which will take you to PayPal or Square - Credit Card may incur a service charge fee. Prices currently include Lewis County Hospitality Tax


near the Natchez Trace Parkway
between Hohenwald and Waynesboro

approximately 1.75 hr drive from Nashville

urban escape
digital detox





On The Buffalo features a wide section of river bed along our 12 acres. As a creativity retreat center, the emphasis here is digital detox and rejuventation from the fast-paced technology infused world. Access will be limited on a daily basis to ensure that the peacefulness of this place is not destroyed by massive population. Becoming a member will guarantee your access and also help keep this space private compared to the other options down river.



With numerous camping zones to choose from, you and your group will find a nurturing experience in a relatively undisturbed natural environment of 12 acres on a bluff above the Buffalo river. We are a LNT facility and ask you to always leave things better than you found them. With one outhouse and more facilities in the works, this is a great place to be primitive, but not primitive. The cell phone signal may or may not work here and that's the point. The vision for this campground came from the founder/director Val's experiences growing up in scouts until age of 17 and a leader for 5 years without children in the troop as well as many family camping experiences.



Our main lodge is on the Camp Wonder Wander side of the property and sleeps up to 14. Our artist residency house when not in use is also available and sleeps up to 7. There are two other rooms for rent for 1-4 people. In total if all beds are booked, we can sleep 30 people inside. The goal for the place is to have micro-shelters off grid On the Buffalo side of the center that would be off-grid and available for rent when not in use by the residency program.





About our extended creativity retreat center @campwonderwander on Insta and FB: Let your creativity flow like the Buffalo. Book an extra workshop to learn pottery or other art, craft, or design. You may want to meet our camp animals - donkeys (miniatures and standards), chickens, peacocks, and domestic rabbits, cats, and dogs. The artist residency program should lead to an ever growing arts environment such as murals and sculpture gardens. Blue sky dreams include a ropes course and zip line as well as numerous micro shelter off grid cabins for rent and use by the artist residency program so with your help we can make this a really amazing unique destination.

If you have a group, troop, or club you would like to coordinate an excursion camping or glamping along with a workshop that you manage with our assistance or we manage, we would love to discuss so please send a message via our chat.


make a commitment to nature and your digital detox

Limited memberships available for those who want to visit on a regular basis. Access to the camp is unlimited, but campsites must be reserved at least 30 days ahead of time for priority.

Membership includes access for 1 car/truck and up to 4 people per visit including 1 tent and 4 people for overnight stays (which is $60 a night without membership). Members receive 25% discount for additional guests. You must register your vehicle at the time of the membership and only 4WD will be allowed on the river trail.


2020 RATES
ANNUAL RATE paid once a year - $240


PEAK SEASON (May 1 - Sept 30) $200

*Ask about our discount for Lewis County residents



For more information on our retreat center lodging and workshops, go here. 






for booking and other information : 931-321-3520 voice or



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Coming soon. Working on finding best spot above water level for possible tent or platform camping.