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on the buffalo

Enjoy the beauty of the rural rolling hills and much farmland in this area of Lewis County, Tennessee and our section of the Buffalo River. Privately owned and managed land tamed and untamed. You may even see a pollinator friendly landscape with an emerging elderberry and passionflower 'farm.'

This is not a crazy, over-packed campground.


Space is limited and available first come, first serve. You may be asked to make a deposit to hold a site for certain dates.


Options include 8 Tent Campsites spaced pretty far apart or you book our Lemon Lodge (sleeps up to 14) about .25 mi from the river and opposite the main entrance.. Members get priority.


Are you looking for a unique family activity to explore the land as a disconnect to reconnect? Ask about our certified guided Forest Therapy walks.

If you and/or your family are new to camping consider easing into the experience by booking the Lemon Lodge and pitching a tent close to 'practice'. You'll have climate controlled shelter, bathrooms, and even a kitchen with donkeys in the 'backyard'.

Please note:

  • We do not rent floats, canoes or kayaks. We only offer transport service.

  • This is primitive. No there are not bathrooms or showers.

  • There are no RV sites near water, only boondock near entrance or 1 hook-up at the retreat side across from the entrance.

  • A deposit may be required to hold a spot.

  • At-your-own-risk. You should understand the rules and sign all paperwork.

  • No refunds - even if a storm rolls in and you or your tent gets wet.

  • Check out the FAQ section below or contact for more information.


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On The Buffalo is a luscious 12 acre private land offering primitive camping in the various terrain from forest to meadow. . Access will be limited on a daily basis to ensure that the peacefulness of this place is not destroyed by massive population. Becoming a member will guarantee your access and also help keep this space private compared to the other options down river.

Spend time wandering the land.

Affiliated with the nature immersion creativity retreat center - Camp Wonder Wander that is a 5 acre facility across the street from the entrance.


On The Buffalo CAMPGROUND is on the Buffalo. We have about 400 feet of river frontage. The river can flood usually during spring rains. Therefore we do not suggest camping on our river front access. You can get to the water down a one lane road dug outside of the bluff.
Explore our 12-acres with evolving trails by foot or bike. No motorized vehicles allowed. You may stumble upon art installations.


Not interested in Camping? You can glamp at the Lemon Lodge at Camp Wonder Wander. Approximately 10 minute walk to the river, you'll find our fun lodge that overlooks the donkey paddock and grazing land.
The lodge sleeps 14.

We do not have any additional cabins or inside spaces right now.







if you call us, we may not be able to answer the phone because we are outside a lot.

if you text message to Nine 31 Two 13 Nineteen 01, we can respond faster.

  • What and Where?
    On the Buffalo is a 12-acre primitive campground centered between Hohenwald and Waynesboro, TN in lovely rural rolling hills on Route 99. There is a variety of terrain - forest, rolling pasture, the river bluff, and the rocky riverside. This campground is quiet and serene and features much of the natural terrain that is being nurtured. There are approximately 8 spots that are cleared and accessible for tent camping. Some of these spots have room for multiple tents, while others are a bit more cozy. Families are welcome, but the sites on the Bluff that are on the edge above the river are off limits to those under 12.
    Yes! WE ARE ON THE BUFFALO! Located in Lewis County almost to the Wayne County line, our 500 foot frontage features a good river rock area including access to one of the natural islands. There is a good depth spot that is great for swimming if you don't want to spend the time on the river. Drop in at Texas Bottoms is about 3.5-5 hrs (or less if you just want to paddle) and a drop in at Grinder's Creek is a full day of about 7 - 8 hrs. Yes, we can help with a shuttle ride. No we are not an outfitter. Please have your own equipment. The Buffalo is not suitable for tubing. Activities on the Buffalo River are at your own risk.
    We are in Lewis County almost to the Wayne County line. It is quiet here. On The Buffalo has approximately 400 ft of river frontage. The camping land is on a bluff approximately 100 feet above the river. The river can flood, especially in the spring. To create better access to the water and the river rock basin along the river edge during normal water levels, there is a one - lane trail road that has been dug out of the side of the bluff. ONLY APPROVED 4WD VEHICLES ALLOWED. This is allows you to walk down to the river and back up. Please note that it is steep in spots so take it slow. If you have accessibility needs, please ask about a shuttle to help you get down to the water.
    Per night rate. Maximum of 4 nights in a row. $25/adult $15/child under 12 Some sites are off-limits to children under 12. You must drive in and drop off your belongings then move the car to a parking area. If you must park next to your site, the fee is $10 and only 1 car/truck per site. Additional cars in your group are $5 to park.
    There is no RV or camper parking available close to the river. Designated RV, car, trailer, van, pop-up, or other vehicle camping is ONLY at the entrance area of the campground. The RV sites are close to the road. By reservation ONLY must pay deposit to hold the date. BOONDOCKING Option. $30/night There is a cleared area that is about 70 ft wide by about 50 or more feet in some spots that has shade and space to turn around that is designated for vehicles. WHY? This is a small acreage with a narrow access path that has a lovely pine tree lane only wide enough for a car/truck. To keep the serenity of the landscape, vehicle camping is not ideal on this land. This is not set up like a typical campground with paved areas and pull in spots. If this is what you are looking for, there could be other options for you. ELECTRIC/WATER HOOKUP Option. $45/night This site is easily accessible to the main state road with very minimal traffic allowing you to be able to back up if you need to. There are two options as an RV pad that can fit up to a school bus or so length vehicle. Most people choose the other option which is on grass and requires a bit more leveling. There is limited shade here. There is a picnic table and a fire pit spot. Plenty of room for an extra vehicle to park. Electric is 30 amp. You'll be near the action as the Camp Donkeys are close by.
  • RATES - River Access only / Day Rates
    If you are only looking for river access, we can help. Maybe you just want to explore our land and the river frontage for the day. This is a really special place and to keep it special there is an access fee which helps with maintenance and letting you past the front gate. The experience on the land and in the river is - priceless. There are public access spots on the Blueway that are free of charge that you can choose instead or choose as your river drop-in / exit spots. Drop in at Grinder's Creek or Texas Bottoms (Sickler Rd.) and get out at our spot, park for the day. OR Drop in at our spot and get out at Topsy Bridge. (about 15 minutes drive and you'll need to have a vehicle parked on the public sides of the road. Do not use the parking lot - that is private owned by Crazy Horse). Until further notice, there is a $15 / person access fee for either a day visit to stick around or to access the river as a drop-in/exit spot. Children $8 Parking is $20 per vehicle for this service. Only 4WD allowed down our one lane road trail from the bluff. Some people opt to pull their gear up that trail which feels a bit steep, but manageable instead of driving.
  • Activities - D.I.Y.
    With about 500 feet of frontage on the lazy Buffalo river as well as a varied landscape of the rolling hills, you are invited to walk, bike, fish, swim, kayak/canoe. We only offer transport services with advanced notice for small groups. We can be a valet for your vehicle which is the easiest option. Only 4WD vehicles are allowed on the trail from the bluff down to the river.
    Preferred methods: CASH Venmo @wonderwanderful Zelle (ask for our number) We pay hospitality tax and state/local sales taxes. These are included in the rates. If you need to pay with a CC or PayPal there may be additional processing fees. A DEPOSIT MAY BE REQUIRED TO HOLD YOUR SPOT. SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.
    You may build a small campfire, but it must be monitored at all times and be put out at night. It must be cleaned up prior to departure. Please ask about chopped firewood for additional $. There are going to be downed sticks and branches that you can forage. Do NOT chop down any trees! Anyone found destroying the property will be asked to leave and will be required to pay remuneration for damages.
    Once you have arrived and paid for your stay, there is no cancellation or refund. Please review the rules and sign the paperwork reviewing the liability waiver. Inclement weather or not being prepared for weather is not a reason for a refund. If something does happen like a storm and a missed hole in a tent causing you to be soaked, please notify as soon as possible. We may be able to help with a spare tent, move you into the lodge if it's unoccupied, or offer a credit towards another date.
    Are you looking to drop-in up river and need a spot to take out your gear? Ask us about our Parking and Transport options. You must make a reservation for this at least 24 hours in advance to confirm the time availability. BASIC PARKING: $10/DAY This GENERAL parking area is near the main road entrance to campground. This will require you to walk up a somewhat steep hill then walk approximately 5 to 8 minute to retrieve your vehicle. ONLY 4WD are approved to drive down the hill to retrieve your gear. If you need assistance for drop-off, we can help get your gear up the hill too. PREMIUM PARKING: $20/DAY This PREMIUM parking area is limited to 4 vehicles max based on campground reservations that day. This option is close to the entrance to the bluff river road which will save you about 5-8 minute walk, but you'll still need to walk up the road to retrieve and then drive down the road. ONLY 4WD are approved to drive down the hill to retrieve your gear. If you need assistance for drop-off, we can get your gear up the hill too. DELUXE PARKING: $50/DAY ONLY 4WD APPROVED. ONE SPOT ONLY. This deluxe parking spot is at the base of our river road allowing you to hop in your 4WD vehicle right when you get back. There is limited space at the base of our river road so no trailers are allowed to park at this spot. This is not available during high water periods.
    Yes we can help you transport to the drop in location of your choice. Must make a formal reservation request within at least 24 hrs from your drop in to guarantee service availability. Transport service is not available on demand. If you have gear already attached to your vehicle, we can still help. If you have multiple vehicles, we can help. If you want to drop-in at our site, and park down river on public land, we can help. Contact VAL to discuss your scenario. ​per ride shuttle fee:$15 Texas Bottoms $20 Grinder's Creek Some examples: Drop-off your own gear at the chosen spot, drive your vehicle to us and park. Then we can shuttle you to your pals. Have room in your vehicle? We can valet for you. Meet us at our entrance, and we'll ride with you to your drop in. The price for this is still the same because it's the amount of time it takes to manage the shuttle / valet. Camping with us? We can load your gear onto our trailer and transport up to 7 people to the chosen spot. Multiple vehicles with gear? We can coordinate a plan where you drop all of your gear and a few people at the chosen spot. Then drive back to park and get a shuttle ride back to join your pals.
    Want to spend some time on a different part of the river? We can help you with transport whether or not you are camping with us. For up to 5 people, will load up your gear and rented gear if needed. Will stop at the Grinder's creek public access to park your extra vehicle, and then drive you to Napier Rd drop in. Once you arrive at Grinder's creek, you'll be able to drive yourself back. If you prefer a pick up at Grinder's please add add'l $15 for the extra run. $50/trip You must pre-book for this so that we can ensure that the time is yours. * If you are interested in this drop in so that you can camp on the river as an overnight trip, then we can help you with this and will include the parking in the transport fee.
    Want to explore the Buffalo farther away from us? We can still help with your transport with our concierge service. Will drive up to 5 people and gear to a farther drop in spot called Railroad Bed Pike. Will pitstop at Napier Rd to drop off your vehicle so you can return back to camp with us at night instead of on the river. If you want to camp along the river, you can do that and get to us with probably 2 nights of camping from this location and will include parking for 2 nights for additional $10. If you prefer a pick up instead of driving your own vehicle back to camp at end of the day, please contact to discuss for the additional shuttle service. $75/trip * If you have your eyes on a similar area to drop in, just contact us via email to discuss.

activities on the Buffalo River
are at your own risk

* no cancellations or refunds - even if a storm drenches you or your tent.


near the Natchez Trace Parkway

on the Highland Rim
between Hohenwald and Waynesboro

approximately 1.75 hr drive from Nashville

Black Sky





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About our extended creativity retreat center @campwonderwander on Insta and FB: Let your creativity flow like the Buffalo. Book an extra workshop to learn pottery or other art, craft, or design. You may want to meet our camp animals - donkeys (miniatures and standards), chickens, peacocks, and domestic rabbits, cats, and dogs. The artist residency program should lead to an ever growing arts environment such as murals and sculpture gardens. Blue sky dreams include a ropes course and zip line as well as numerous micro shelter off grid cabins for rent and use by the artist residency program so with your help we can make this a really amazing unique destination.

If you have a group, troop, or club you would like to coordinate an excursion camping or glamping along with a workshop that you manage with our assistance or we manage, we would love to discuss so please send a message via our chat.


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Limited memberships available for those who want to visit on a regular basis. Help to keep On The Buffalo Campground a quiet, family friendly and relatively quiet part of the river by becoming a member. Your contribution helps to sustain the retreat center operations such as care and feeding of the animals as well as the artist/writer residency.

Please note fishing requires a TN license.
No hunting allowed.





ART on the buffalo


Please respect the art installations and don't vandalize.
Tag us in your social media post instead! #artonthebuffalo

For more information on our retreat center lodging and workshops, go here. 







for booking and other information : NINE 31 TWO 13 NINETEEN 01 TEXT or





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